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St Anthony'sCatholic Primary School and Pre-school

'Children in our heart, Christ at the centre''We love, we learn and we live'.

Home Page

St Anthony'sCatholic Primary School and Pre-school

Meet the Staff

Our staff are very friendly, do come and say hello to us:


The School Leadership Team:

Mrs R Ashworth - Headteacher and SENDCo

Mrs K Straker - Assistant Headteacher of the Upper School

Mrs G Cutler - Assistant Headteacher of the Lower School


Teaching Staff:

Ms A Reid - Preschool 

Mrs K Adams - Year R

Mrs V Hall and Mrs G Cutler  - Year 1

Miss C Johnson and Mrs G Cutler - Year 2

Mrs R White - Year 3

Mrs R Davis and Mrs S Inwards - Year 4

Mrs R Marshman - Year 5

Mrs K Straker and Mr T Bint - Year 6


Learning Support Assistants:

Mr Williams - Year R 

Miss Mountain - Year 1 (Miss Mountain, Mrs Dyer, Miss Tudgeman 1:1)

Mrs Osbourne - Year 2 (Mrs Sturdey 1:1)

Mrs Nail  - Year 3 

Ms Read - Year 4 (Mr Turish 1:1)

Mrs Taylor - Year 5

Mrs Bance - Year 6


Peripatetic Teacher:

Mrs Jane O'Driscoll



Mrs Nail


Office Staff:

Mrs H Stephen - School Business Manager

Mrs K Swatton

Mrs T Frost


Pupil Premium:

Mrs S Inwards

Mrs F Read


Site Manager:

Mr D Gunter