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We have achieved the Sainsbury's Silver Sport Award. Here is our feedback from the validator:



following your external validation, your school has achieved Silver Mark!


Feedback : St Anthony's Catholic Primary school received a validation for their application for a Mark award on Monday 28th September 2015 and based on the evidence seen and discussed, the school has successfully been upgraded from Bronze and achieved a Silver Mark award for the 2014/15 academic year. The school utilised curricular and extra-curricular activity registers to track young people's participation in School Games activity which allowed the school to identify those who are less active and use lunch-time activities led by Sports Leaders as a way to get them active. St Anthony's evidenced provision of 2 hours of PE (curriculum alone) through a yearly PE overview and half-termly timetables, with extracurricular provision in addition to this, with 78% of pupils on average engaging in this activity on a weekly basis. The school also demonstrated that they do their best to offer talented young sports people specific support through signposting individuals to local clubs (lack of evidence here). The school could evidence that they offered Level 1 competitions in 6 sports and Level 2 competitions in 6 sports, whilst the school also fielded 2 B teams during 2014/15. The school also promotes School Games on a weekly basis through newsletters featuring results and competition round-ups and the website also features School Games content which both parents and pupils have access to, and the half-termly school chronicle also provides an update of sporting activities. During 2014/15, 21% of pupils were engaged in leading, managing and officiating School Games activity, namely Sports Leaders who support Level 1 competition whilst year 5 and 6 pupils officiated year 3 and 4 multi-skills event. Sports Leaders and house captains also engaged in the planning and development of the School Games day. The school utilises sports coaches to support school sport during curriculum and extra-curriculum time in various sports. St Anthony's also evidenced training wider school staff to support school sport activity through CPD opportunities and shadowing a PE specialist. The school also evidenced active links with 8 local sports clubs. 


In order to achieve a Gold Mark award, St Anthony's would need to focus on the following:

Provide evidence of supporting talented young sports people e.g. registers of standout pupils and their sports, signposting young people to local clubs and the clubs point of contact etc. 

Increase the number of Level 1 and Level 2 competitions offered from 6 sports to at least 9 sports.

Increase the number of B teams from 2 to at least 4 and create at least 1 C team.

Have a formalised School Sport Organising Crew who fully engage with school staff in the planning and organising of School Games activity.


The school should consider developing a strong portfolio of evidence for each criterion of the Mark award and utilise the School Games supporting document, in order to support their application for the Gold award in the future.


Congratulations on achieving the Silver Mark award for 2014/15!