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St Anthony'sCatholic Primary School and Pre-school

Our Curriculum

Curriculum Intent:
‘Educating the mind without educating the heart, is no education at all.’ - Aristotle

At St Anthony’s, we have spent a long time developing a curriculum where all children flourish – not only academically but spiritually, morally and socially with the wellbeing of pupils central to our aims. Our curriculum is continuously adapted in light of up-to-date quality research, which ensures that it meets the demands of the constantly changing world in which our children live.

In an age of rapidly increasing ‘screen time’ where children spend more time indoors than ever before, we have worked hard to create a school and an environment where children are outdoors as much as possible. Because this is so crucial to the mental health and wellbeing of our pupils, we have developed our school grounds to ensure that areas of our curriculum can be delivered outside of the classroom. We have a Forest School, Farm School, many outdoor classroom areas and a local pond across the road, which we have built into our pupils’ learning.

At St Anthony’s, the full range of National Curriculum subjects and Religious Education (God Matters) are delivered across every year group in order to ensure our children can experience a broad and balanced curriculum. These include: English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Computing, French (in Key Stage Two), Art and design, Design and Technology, Music, Physical Education and the Outdoor Curriculum. We work on a theme-based curriculum wherever quality links can be made; we launch and celebrate each theme with exciting hooks, theme days, visitors and trips.

Safeguarding and online-safety messages, Personal, Social and Health Education, including Relationship and Sex Education and British Values are taught throughout the school, in each year group. 
Our curriculum for each subject has been carefully thought through to ensure skills and knowledge are built upon and that progression through each year group is evident. Our curriculum is challenging, fun and multi-faceted to ensure that we meet the needs of all children and develop the talents in all of our children.
Subject Leaders at St Anthony’s are instrumental in building their curriculums; they adapt their subject curriculum with class teachers, whilst attending subject development meetings to further their subject knowledge and understanding, as well as to keep up with new information, ideas and research.
By the time children leave St Anthony’s in Year 6, they are ready for secondary school. They are resilient, reflective, spiritual learners who enjoy a challenge. They have good mental health and are happy. With excellent literacy and maths skills, as well as a love of learning, our pupils leave St. Anthony’s well-equipped for the challenges of secondary school.
In the words of a secondary headteacher receiving St Anthony’s pupils – ‘I know when I get St Anthony’s pupils they are going to be polite, engaging and will perform well across the secondary curriculum. They contribute well to life at secondary school and they are highly thought of among the staff.’
Our curriculum intent is to create leaders for the future through a broad, coherent curriculum, with outdoor learning and good mental health growth being of vital importance. Spirituality lies at the heart whilst rigorous academics are key. The development of knowledge and skills supported by cultural capital, daily retrieval practice and a love for reading result in children becoming the most awesome version of themselves. 


Our overarching curriculum structure is a triad of knowldge and skills leading to personal development. This is supported by retrieval practice, a love of reading and solid reading skills and a broad cultural capital. 



Our curriculum is sequenced in knowledge and skills in each curriculum area. This is reviewed often by the subject leader as well as class teachers. Preskills for lessons are carefully thought about to enable children to make great progress in every lesson. 


If you would like any further information on our curriculum, please contact the school office:


Our curriculum maps are below:

Our Reading, Writing and Maths Curriculum Structure:

Our Wider Curriculum Structure:

Our Literacy and Numeracy curriculum is academically challenging whilst being appropriate to every child's individual needs. It based on the Literacy and Numeracy strategy, but linked to the class theme where appropriate. Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 use the Read, Write Inc programme to build children’s reading and writing skills, which has been hugely successful in our school. As they progress through the School, children are expected to work with greater independence, applying all their knowledge and skills to their work.  We use the Maths No Problem scheme of work for our maths sessions - this is a mastery approach which has been very successful at St Anthony's.


We use the Read Write Inc phonics and reading scheme. We supplement the Read Write Inc reading scheme with the Oxford Tree Reading scheme to ensure children are reading a variety of books. We are using decodable books for the children in Year R and moving these into Year 1.

Our School 'Bucket' List

SMSC Progression Map: